Day Six / The Grand Design

Day Six - The Grand DesignTopic: Artist/Album/Song

Artist: Day Six

Titel: The Grand Design

Genre: Progressive Rock/Metal and lots more

Year: 2010

Media: Day Six / Official Website

Let’s call a spade a spade: Day Six, a quartet from Veghel, The Netherlands, is by far the best progressive-metal band in The Netherlands. Actually, listening to their latest studio album ‘The Grand Design’ I dare to say that many internationally acclaimed acts would do nicely as a the support act for Day Six, instead of vice versa.
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Black Country Communion

Black Country CommunionTopic: Artist/Album/Song

Artist: Black Country Communion

Title: Black Country Communion

Genre: Rock

Year: 2010

Media: Black Country Communion / Official Website

Whenever hearing references to ‘superbands’ I am usually rather quick to pass and turn the other way. Especially as, more often than not, most so-called ‘superbands’ find themselves getting stuck in repeating their successful achievements from the past. In all honesty, Black Country Communion is not extremely innovative and they sound suspiciously similar to a combination of Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin on steroids. But, my God (and this is coming from an atheist), what a classic album! From start till end Black Country Communion is a kick-ass, ironclad rock album. Glenn  Hughes produces his toughest voice since Deep Purple and Joe Bonamassa once more confirms why he is considered one of the very best guitarists in the world (and rightly so).
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Kevin Coyne / House On The Hill

Kevin CoyneTopic: Artiest/Album/Song
Artist: Kevin Coyne
Title: House On The Hill
Genre: Singer-Songwriter
Year: 1973
Media: Kevin Coyne / House On The Hill (live 1973)

Only recently I was introduced to the music by Kevin Coyne. It must have been just short of two years ago that I first heard, or rather, saw Kevin Coyne play. If I remember correctly it was on a typical Friday night (let’s make that Friday night) that I was lying on the couch, lazily flicking through the 65+ channels of my digital TV.
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